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Meteofocus is an information and services website that brings together the experience and the professionalism of a team of meteorology experts and enthusiasts.

It was established in may 2007 with a twofold objective: to introduce meteorological and climatological informations in a clear and specialized format, while also creating a structure of services and advice for public companies and private firms.

The mission

The mission of Meteofocus is not limited to providing correct and updated weather information; it also wishes to foster a meteorological conscience, in order to improve understanding and respect for atmospheric events that are often not appreciated. Understanding how meteorological factors influence the biosphere and the unavoidable consequencies for the health of the planet and human beings, is one of MeteoFocus' principal purposes.

The readership

Meteofocus addresses itself to public agencies, in particular to Municipalities and Touristic Information Agencies that wish to supply weather forecasts on their web-site, and also to Police headquarters, Police officers, Municipal Police, Fire Departments and others charged with citizen security and protection, who need up-to-date information on potential weather risks.

Particular attention is paid also to private companies, with services offered to hoteliers, golf clubs, hang glider and balloon competition operators ,construction enterprises, travel agencies, communication agencies, sport clubs, and the like.

For agricultural companies a group of professionals in the agro-meteorological field is available to provide the best environmental education techniques and to help plan all phytosanitary and cultivation activities in order to optimize economic benefits.

Meteofocus is also committed to helping children develop a respect for nature. To that end it has developed a series of lessons, for use by elementary schools and beyond, on topics of environmental culture.

Lastly, Meteofocus is addressed to all those who observe the sky asking themselves if it is true that the flapping of butterfly wings is enough to change the weather. It is, ultimately, for those who want to know more.

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